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 I have The Winds of Change all rough-drafted out. Now I am starting on the tentatively titled Rescued. It's kind of where things are a little slower and the changes are positive.

It's also way off what my original draft had intended... some character roles are changed, some are removed, and new people are added. We'll see. I got JuNoWriMo and Camp NaNoWriMo July to figure it all out....
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 So... here's how my Camp NaNoWriMo experience went for April....

Basically, you can see the first week started off slow. Its quite evident when I left for the weekend as the stats for the 6-7 remain more or less the same.... was behind on the 7th, rallied on the 8th and worked steadily until I was gone the 19-21. ...

But, notice that dip on the 23? That was the Day of Suck. That was when, backing up my files, somehow, files on the computer and the flash drive decided to have a little deathmatch. Both lost. The drafts on BOTH devices were toast. Gone. All 54001 words vaporized. It was too horrible to be true. In ALL my years of using a computer, I've never seen anything like it.

LUCKILY at about 42500 words, I had emailed the draft to myself. I lost 11500 words in the process but 42500 words was better than 0 words and starting over again. I typed like my life depended on it that 24 hours and ended the day with a deficit of 3662 words. By the 24, I was ahead of the game again. So this NaNo session, I broke 50 K *twice*. I also emailed it to myself every 1000 words so this...never happened again. I spent the 25-26 taking a break from bouncing back from that word loss, playing with cover images, justifying it as past my goal and I had the freedom to play, and then got back to work .... soldiered on.

I've been changing titles. Book #1 is now The Calm Before the Storm (CBTS) and book #2 is The Winds of Change (WOC).  I have been getting CBTS ready for self-publishing on Create Space and have to wait longer to get my proof copy because... someone was too cocky making the text for the back cover and didn't check it well enough. So... once I can go in and make changes, I will have to wait a bit before I can order the proof copy. It's all well and good since I didn't want to put it out there until June 1 anyhow. Just frustrates me that I did something so carelessly. 

TCBS's summary wasn't easy to write, and my idea of "Shit's about to hit the fan, but I'm just preparing the slingshot" wasn't ideal. So instead, I went with the following:

Life isn't always a beach in Waves, North Carolina...

Summer was the busiest time of year on Hatteras Island and the entire stretch of the Outer Banks. Tourists would come flocking in from everywhere, sometimes mingling with the residents. Everyone seemed to have the same goal: Get away from the mainland, clear their minds, and enjoy everything that Waves and Hatteras Island had to offer.

Fourteen year-old Waves resident Jeromie Greene and his friends Cara, Gayle, and Jody hardly have a care in the world.  It's the summer before their freshman year in high school. The days stretch before them with the promise of days full of swimming, surfing, and maybe even a few romances with the constantly changing cast of tourists who visit their island.  

Summer resident Doug Henshaw quickly befriends Jeromie and his group and soon, everything starts changing. Confessions, betrayals, and the desire to be accepted begin to dominate the thoughts of Jeromie and his friends. Can their friendships survive as they face the challenges that lie ahead?

I don't take it easy on these kids, either... but life only gets more complicated, and messed up, in the next book.

I'm going to write to a certain point in WOC before I put it away for July's Camp NaNoWriMo. I have enough "seed" material to get through several NaNoWriMo challenges. Expect to see more updates of shiny stuff relating to CBTS before I continue WOC.

As far as book #3 goes in my grown-up, chick-lit series... I'm holding it hostage for now LOL! I ended book #2 (Why are YOU Still Single?!) to a point where it doesn't need to continue, and depending on how into the Breaking Waves series I get, I may/may not continue it. I told my RL inspiration for grown-up series that I NEED more RL inspiration to continue (hence the "holding hostage") but it's tough when schedules conflict so much.
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Shush, inner editor wanted to play and not write this I got started on some cover designs. Decided to stick with the same format for all 5 books. All five images are from my personal photos from the area where the stories are set :-)

Book #1 is ready for editing, book #2 is still being written. Books #3-5 will be worked on in subsequent NaNoWriMo projects :-)
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I did it!

Apr. 19th, 2013 01:11 am
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 I made 50 K! I'm at a shade over 50 K now but I actually did it... I finally won a Camp NaNoWriMo... and I have plenty more story to go! I think I will get through this chapter, and maybe save the rest for July... or just write until the end of the month and go from there. Who knows? LOL! Story has moved in its own direction and I find the original drafts are making very little contribution to the story since I am changing so much of it. I think the story has grown, changed, and the characters are taking advantage of their new freedoms and whatnot.

There's one direction in the previous drafts where I decided not to go... wasn't realistic. Wasn't right anymore, so I decided just to scare the hell out of him and hope he learned his lesson!

There's still so much left to write, and the you-know-what hasn't even hit the fan yet!

Just because the kids in Breaking Waves live on the beach does NOT mean their life IS one....!

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 I decided to call my book Breaking Waves. It does, however, appear that it may need to be a series instead of one massive book spanning four years of these kids' lives.

I also admit I went through and formatted my draft. I know "avoid inner-editor blah blah" but it feels more *real* and solid now that I have some structure to it. I may go through my pictures from the Outer Banks and pick a suitable cover photo. Goodness knows I have plenty!

I'm at 25376 words and in "pantsing" territory now. I've picked up where the last draft left off for the kids' summer, and am now working toward the school year and those months for which I have no drafts whatsoever.

Hoping to get through their first school year by the time the weekend is out. Probably won't, but who knows.

OK, enough blogging, back to writing!
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 Whoa... it's 10 days into Camp NaNoWriMo and I haven't updated.,... for shame! I'm also up way past my bedtime, so screw it... may as well post my progress!

I'm currently at 20570 and writing an average of 2057 words a day... not bad :-)

This is DEFINITELY a mix of using the old texts (planning) and completely departing from them (pantsing). In fact, very little of the actual drafts really even remain. I decided my two main male characters (Jeromie and Jody) not have their falling out and one of the female characters is unsure of her sexual orientation (Gayle). They're dealing with real stuff here, not happy fluffy stuff. Feelings get hurt, mistakes get made, and topics that teens talk about are brought up. I figure my main male character's dad's influence in all of it is helpful. The dad (Jonathan) is a pragmatic kind of guy who gives his sons (Jeromie and Brandon) enough room to make mistakes and isn't afraid to BE the parent, but he's also his sons' #1 person to go to when they have problems. 

I definitely have enough material to cover several NaNo challenges, so I am looking forward to it!

As far as catching up to modern days,....

They LOVE text messaging!

Jeromie really likes Instagram.

There's a lot of potential for Facebook drama when Cara and Beth have their big blow-up (that is still about 3 years off in the story).

Still getting the stage set. They've already had a couple dramatic episodes, and more promise to be on their way, especially the next year when Beth makes her way to Rodanthe. That may get covered in this NaNo, it may wait until July. Who knows :-) Either way, I'm really loving the whole re-writing, planning/pantsing hybrid I have going on and while it will require some extensive edits (Not sure how I want to do chapters yet, probably just use numbers), I'm really enjoying this!

50 K is EASILY within my reach with this, and that was the important part. I may not stop at 50 K, depends where I hit it at and how much is left to write. I am just trying to get the kids from the summer before their freshman year in high school until the summer they leave for college.... there's a lot there. My original drafts didn't cover the school year. These WILL. So yea... massive word count craziness ahead!!
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Walk through the forest and come to my lovely camp...
Welcome to my world... )So... now all I need to do is get my ideas more organized through this month and starting April 1... write, write, write!
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got my "Ready, Set, Novel!" book and filling it up, my Camp NaNoWriMo mug is ready to be filled... got two more Camp-related packages on the way (because I LOVE the stuff and love what it supports) that includes the new t-shirt, the care package, a poster, and the merit badges.

I'm getting involved in the forums, too. Signed up to do a care package swap and a postcard exchange. I think it will be fun to feel more connected with others so it doesn't seem like I'm off to camp all by my lonesome!

I'm just very excited about this, about getting this stories re-written, updated. I was snowed in at work and read through the drafts and I realize how much I miss this cast of crazy kids and now I'm going to rearrange their lives!!


Mar. 2nd, 2013 08:45 am
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 New Camp NaNoWriMo shirts are out earlier than I expected. So of course, I ordered mine. Should be getting several packages from Office of Letters and Light this week and that makes me happy! In two more weeks I plan to order the new poster (which is adorable!) and the merit badges. I plan to customize a Camp-themed hoodie with them because writing stuff is cool. 

I need to get my homework finished today and I'm just NOT feeling motivated to write three essays and finish 2 assignments in addition to all that. But! It needs to be finished. My weekend plans have changed so I will be hitting the books. I feel absolutely awful with the dramatic temperature fluctuations where it can be anywhere between 10-20 degrees different from one day to the next. Welcome to late winter. Blah. At least now, I have the reconfigured nasal passages so I feel better than I did before (I'm not at the doctor almost every week for sinus infections).
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I'm seriously chomping at the bit for this! The site relaunch is March 5 and they're going to have new items in the store, too! I have a list of things I want in the current inventory and I'm definitely getting the new shirt design as well. I love their shirts and it never hurts to add more to the wardrobe while funding a great program. Maybe it's lame to only write during these various writing challenges, but it's more enjoyable and it prevents me from burning out and wanting to kill my characters in stories that don't require any deaths.

I made a new Pinterest board for my NaNo goodies here. I have my wish list items, shopping list items, and web badges.

I am going to do my old drafts for Camp NaNoWriMo in April. so I am purchasing the "Ready, Set, Novel!" workbook in hopes it will help me keep organized and rewire my existing characters to the 2010's.

I had thought about taking a little weekend getaway and getting a cabin for a weekend in April, yanno, to get in the rustic camp-y mood but oy. I know, eccentric to want to do "camp" like outdoor stuff for Camp NaNoWriMo but I think it'd be fun! Well, plus I was also in a pissy mood when I thought of it and liked the idea of staying someplace that did not share walls with other people.

A one-room cabin with no linens and no bathroom costs 2x that of a hotel at some of the campgrounds and places that interested me! Even a tipi was $80 per night! I thought about getting a tent, found some decent priced ones, but then realized that for what I would spend on supplies.... may as well do a hotel. So I will probably "day camp" it at local parks with the laptop. I didn't want to spend a lot of money or drive very far. April weather is so iffy in Ohio. It could snow, storm, and be hotter than hell all in the same 24 period.

July's will be easier... the campground at the lake will be open and I can spend time at my camper on a lake or at a picnic table near the water.

I'm just ready to see the new site, see the new stuff, order said new stuff (and the other items on my list!!) and get my notes and crap together during March so I am ready for fun in April!
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So Book #3 is being set aside for anywhere between 6 weeks (for April's Camp NaNoWriMo), to July (second Camp NaNoWriMo) or until November (NaNoWriMo- the most likely time I will pick it up again). I think it will be good to step away from the story and revisit it at a later date. Debating on whether to show parts of it to its um... inspiration... in a few weeks. I know he's curious!

I did accomplish just over 35K words for [community profile] orgasm_circlet  and will work on weaving the rest together in one of the NaNo months. I left my comfort zone and am now more comfortable writing out the "details" :-) I plan to continue to add them as the story requires when I write the full draft out.

My parents are currently on a road trip and my mom brought Why are YOU Still Single?! along. She says she can't get over how I handled everything in How to Suck at Dating Without Even Trying since 90% of that book was creative non-fiction with names, places, and dates changed to protect the guilty. She says she reads some parts aloud to my dad because they're so funny with how I describe them. My sister really loves Why are YOU Still Single?! and hopes that life will imitate art (don't we all in this book's case?!).

I may start sifting through the binders of notes for my teen novel idea for either Camp NaNoWriMo or NaNoWriMo. These are the binders of stories I wrote as a teen and will be using them to start a more updated and better-written story. I mean come on, internet wasn't even in most homes when I wrote these and I don't think any of my characters would even know what a text message was, and they certainly never emailed anyone! I need to get them out of the 1990s and into this century!! I still need a better title than the original which was simply the name of the town where everyone lived and, thanks to Nicolas Sparks, is also used in another book and movie. The town will stay the same mainly because, unlike Nicolas Sparks, I can actually get the geography right! Well, his whole ferry bit would have been accurate for the post-Sandy state of the island but it was NOT accurate in his book OR the movie from it. It also does not have a "downtown".

Hoping I can be a Municipal Liason for NaNoWriMo because we really don't have a proper one for where I live. The closest one mainly has people from universities anywhere from 45-60 minutes north of me and the next-closest one is an hour away in Indiana. I have several small colleges in my area and I think we'd be better served with our own NaNoWriMo chapter (and not have the ML from 45 minutes away worry about accomodating us). I LOVE going to events and write-ins and I loved that I could attend some that were close to me when I was in Phoenix and Las Vegas (ironically, the events closest to me were when I was on the other side of the country- go figure!). My city needs more of a positive social scene like NaNoWriMo and its respective events. I REALLY enjoyed it out in Phoenix and Vegas and you know what? It was fun to meet up with people that I knew I shared interests with!

I didn't apply to be an ML last year because of my crazy work schedule and being out of town so I didn't plan to do NaNoWriMo at all, much less try and lead it. In fact, I decided to do it in October and threw myself in full-force in about the middle of November thanks to my inspiration. Looking forward to more inspiration in the coming weeks and months :-)
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Book #2 is available to the world now...


In 3.5 hours I can officially start my orgasm_circlet project which is a scant 20K words but also 20K words that are going to be WAY out of my comfort zone. I'm not used to writing "information" in my scenes when my character finally gets it on. Should be interesting....!!

Stepping away from my outline for a while since I've been writing the same characters' stories since November and need a break. Actually I've only written their stories since 2011 and I need a small vacation from them before I make bad things happen to them when they don't deserve it*. I may do my Camp NaNoWriMo based off a series of short stories I wrote as a teen and would like to turn into a teen novel. To give you an idea of how long those have been sitting who-knows-where in my basement (which should make them all the more interesting to find!)'s what has happened since I had last written anything related to them:
  • Internet in the homes
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • MySpace has already came and went.
  • Instant messaging services
  • Everyone having cell phones (cellphones *then* were in satchels that weighed several pounds, had a range of a few feet, stayed charged for like 20 minutes and cost $0.35 a minute to use!)
  • Smartphones
  • Text messaging
  • iPads, Kindles, Nooks, and other tablets
  • I wrote the original draft on a Smith-Corona word processor! Yea, I would type it in a like 2" dot-matrix display and then once I was finished.... I could save it on a disk used only for that word processor, then hit "print" and hear nothing but the staccato of typing for ages...and it was a nightmare when I ran out of ribbon for it... but it also did bold typing! WOW....!!! I still remember how it sounded when it would type out words in bold. Oy....!
  • I wrote the second draft on an HP with a whopping 4 MB of RAM and a massive 500 MB hard drive
  • I was able to save the draft as a back up on 3.5" floppy disks that have since vanished (and those held 1.5 MB)
  • CD burners didn't even exist and CD-Roms were still novel (wow, an entire series of encyclopedias can fit on ONE CD!! OMG!!!)
  • Um, I was 18 when I wrote the last chapter. In the 1990s. I started the first story when I was 14. That was 20 years ago.
  • My characters called each other on land lines and wrote letters during their time away from each other. LETTERS! Yea, who does that anymore?!
  • They also spent time in a library doing research for school reports and used actual books and card catalogs along with microfilm files that had to be printed off!

It will be interesting to see Jeromie, Beth, and Doug come into the 21st century....and be written by a writer who has grown into an adult instead of being written by an adolescent. I am sure it will be absolutely painful to see my writing style of 20 years ago contrasted with that of today, but I think those stories should be dusted off and reworked... and whatever will be, shall be.

*With the exception of this month's project, but it doesn't actually progess their story one way or the other. Just describes things they do that I normally would leave to the imagination!!

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