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I won! 50089 words!!! The last 500 were tough... giving myself a break tomorrow and will start on Camp NaNoWriMo for July!!!


Jun. 20th, 2013 12:36 pm
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 The text recovery program that I used WORKED! I have ALL my words back! All I had to do was reformat them! I'll take that over retyping any time!

So yea, still planning massive edits in the future BUT... 14910 words left to go! That seems ridiculously low and extremely doable! Today's a busy day with laundry and baking but I know I can get ahead for being gone over the weekend!!
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 Whenever I'm ahead and feeling good (but admittedly hating my dialog), the computer and my inner editor conspire against me and have another @#$% death match with my files!

Oh, and dummy me uploaded the WRONG file draft to my email repeatedly.

So um... my 32374 word count, 1000 words AHEAD has been brutally thrust into 19362! NOOO!!!

I can come back from it. I've come back from worse!

Good news... JuNoWriMo considers my word count before the loss the official one and to treat it as such if needed. Much appreciated but still... AUGH!!! THIS IS NOT HOW I WANT TO EDIT!!!

I need to write an average of 3700 words PER DAY before June lets out if I want to recover from this one....!!! I CAN do it! I WILL do it!

Meanwhile, just hope and hope that my computer at work has an autosaved copy!!!


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I'm finally a TAD ahead on JuNoWriMo. I was behind on the 14-16 by a few hundred words, but I caught up and am a bit ahead now. I'll be away all next weekend, so I need to be sure to reach 35K by the 19th so I feel like I have some breathing room when I start back up again on the 22nd. 

The story's in a slow spot right now. It's taking a lot to plod through it just because I'm pantsing it until my next part of my drafts kicks in. I'm debating on just starting on that section with unnumbered chapters and fit in the new chapters once I figure it out. Anything to stop the agonizingly slow progress I am making right now. I just now got my average back up to the standard 1667 words per day, but I usually pull around 2000 per day average. Must pick up pace and overachieve again!

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Ugh! I hate hate HATE it when I hit a road block with my writing. First chapters always seem to be the slowest and most difficult to write, especially in this series. I have to balance new material with old material to make sense of what is taking place. It just feels like the start of the book goes so SLOW, and a lot of stuff from book #2 needs to be summed up in book #3 so the story makes sense. Ah, give it some time.... I'll get this. I always do. It also doesn't help that I am using old drafts as a guide and those are getting the snot edited out of them. 
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 I have The Winds of Change all rough-drafted out. Now I am starting on the tentatively titled Rescued. It's kind of where things are a little slower and the changes are positive.

It's also way off what my original draft had intended... some character roles are changed, some are removed, and new people are added. We'll see. I got JuNoWriMo and Camp NaNoWriMo July to figure it all out....
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I may need to set a lower word count for NaNoWriMo since classes and LIFE will be getting in my way in July and to what extent... I don't know. I still plan to do Camp NaNoWriMo in July... so we'll see what happens.

Meanwhile, I want to work on book #2 in the Breaking Waves series, figure out what to do for book #3, weave in a character that was suggested to me, and basically get the series written out and then work on editing and revising as time goes on. 

OK... back to the writing process!!!

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