Dec. 30th, 2012

annayork: (pissykitty)
Writing more to my outline. Reading my old books of Outer Banks legends makes me ache for my Hatteras Island and therefore, my character must go there.

One of these days, I must go there again. I miss it :-( I guess it all depends on when they get the NC-12 situation rectified. Right now it's kind of a hot mess down that way since Sandy hit and they're only now repaving the road that was decimated (and also connects the not-inhabited northern part of Hatteras with the southern part where everyone lives :-/

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~*About Anna*~

I'm a grad student, wannabe writer, budding rock-and-roll baker, and an artist. I'd like to think that my life serves as proof that you can have an advanced education, normal job, look normal, and yet still be a total bad-ass and make creepy, freaky stuff and write saucy books.

I love to write even if it's just for my own amusement. I have enjoyed participating in NaNoWriMo and Script Frenzy and intend to keep participating in them as well as any other writing challenges I am able to join. I like the idea of trying new things, setting goals, and accomplishing something for the sheer reward of saying I did it.

Most of my updates on my writing projects are public unless it's kind of spoilery stuff I'm not ready to show.

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