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2013-02-28 04:11 pm
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Camp NaNoWriMo is so close yet so far away....

I'm seriously chomping at the bit for this! The site relaunch is March 5 and they're going to have new items in the store, too! I have a list of things I want in the current inventory and I'm definitely getting the new shirt design as well. I love their shirts and it never hurts to add more to the wardrobe while funding a great program. Maybe it's lame to only write during these various writing challenges, but it's more enjoyable and it prevents me from burning out and wanting to kill my characters in stories that don't require any deaths.

I made a new Pinterest board for my NaNo goodies here. I have my wish list items, shopping list items, and web badges.

I am going to do my old drafts for Camp NaNoWriMo in April. so I am purchasing the "Ready, Set, Novel!" workbook in hopes it will help me keep organized and rewire my existing characters to the 2010's.

I had thought about taking a little weekend getaway and getting a cabin for a weekend in April, yanno, to get in the rustic camp-y mood but oy. I know, eccentric to want to do "camp" like outdoor stuff for Camp NaNoWriMo but I think it'd be fun! Well, plus I was also in a pissy mood when I thought of it and liked the idea of staying someplace that did not share walls with other people.

A one-room cabin with no linens and no bathroom costs 2x that of a hotel at some of the campgrounds and places that interested me! Even a tipi was $80 per night! I thought about getting a tent, found some decent priced ones, but then realized that for what I would spend on supplies.... may as well do a hotel. So I will probably "day camp" it at local parks with the laptop. I didn't want to spend a lot of money or drive very far. April weather is so iffy in Ohio. It could snow, storm, and be hotter than hell all in the same 24 period.

July's will be easier... the campground at the lake will be open and I can spend time at my camper on a lake or at a picnic table near the water.

I'm just ready to see the new site, see the new stuff, order said new stuff (and the other items on my list!!) and get my notes and crap together during March so I am ready for fun in April!
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2013-02-15 08:56 am

Time for a break

So Book #3 is being set aside for anywhere between 6 weeks (for April's Camp NaNoWriMo), to July (second Camp NaNoWriMo) or until November (NaNoWriMo- the most likely time I will pick it up again). I think it will be good to step away from the story and revisit it at a later date. Debating on whether to show parts of it to its um... inspiration... in a few weeks. I know he's curious!

I did accomplish just over 35K words for [community profile] orgasm_circlet  and will work on weaving the rest together in one of the NaNo months. I left my comfort zone and am now more comfortable writing out the "details" :-) I plan to continue to add them as the story requires when I write the full draft out.

My parents are currently on a road trip and my mom brought Why are YOU Still Single?! along. She says she can't get over how I handled everything in How to Suck at Dating Without Even Trying since 90% of that book was creative non-fiction with names, places, and dates changed to protect the guilty. She says she reads some parts aloud to my dad because they're so funny with how I describe them. My sister really loves Why are YOU Still Single?! and hopes that life will imitate art (don't we all in this book's case?!).

I may start sifting through the binders of notes for my teen novel idea for either Camp NaNoWriMo or NaNoWriMo. These are the binders of stories I wrote as a teen and will be using them to start a more updated and better-written story. I mean come on, internet wasn't even in most homes when I wrote these and I don't think any of my characters would even know what a text message was, and they certainly never emailed anyone! I need to get them out of the 1990s and into this century!! I still need a better title than the original which was simply the name of the town where everyone lived and, thanks to Nicolas Sparks, is also used in another book and movie. The town will stay the same mainly because, unlike Nicolas Sparks, I can actually get the geography right! Well, his whole ferry bit would have been accurate for the post-Sandy state of the island but it was NOT accurate in his book OR the movie from it. It also does not have a "downtown".

Hoping I can be a Municipal Liason for NaNoWriMo because we really don't have a proper one for where I live. The closest one mainly has people from universities anywhere from 45-60 minutes north of me and the next-closest one is an hour away in Indiana. I have several small colleges in my area and I think we'd be better served with our own NaNoWriMo chapter (and not have the ML from 45 minutes away worry about accomodating us). I LOVE going to events and write-ins and I loved that I could attend some that were close to me when I was in Phoenix and Las Vegas (ironically, the events closest to me were when I was on the other side of the country- go figure!). My city needs more of a positive social scene like NaNoWriMo and its respective events. I REALLY enjoyed it out in Phoenix and Vegas and you know what? It was fun to meet up with people that I knew I shared interests with!

I didn't apply to be an ML last year because of my crazy work schedule and being out of town so I didn't plan to do NaNoWriMo at all, much less try and lead it. In fact, I decided to do it in October and threw myself in full-force in about the middle of November thanks to my inspiration. Looking forward to more inspiration in the coming weeks and months :-)
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2013-02-13 12:23 pm
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OMG folks, I am shaking SHAKING... "How to Suck at Dating Without Even Trying" by yours truly has been selected to go on to the next round in Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Award!

Find out if I make it on to the quarter finals on March 12th!!

LOL an author friend of mine said: Congrats on that, though I'm not sure we should congratulate you for knowing so much on the subject
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2013-02-02 04:12 pm
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Had some fun with some soap..

This is my latest endeavor. I have 15 more on the way next weekend when the new batch of rubber fetuses arrive....they're basically peppermint-scented "placenta" soaps with a rubber fetus inside, and of course, they're on an umbilical cord "rope". Yes I am sick. No need to remind me of what I already know ;-) Better yet, my first five have already sold and I am taking reservations for next weekend when I make batch #2!

Click to see full size images :-)

 photo DSCF4564_zpsf746d946.jpg  photo DSCF4566_zps80d4ea63.jpg  photo DSCF4572_zpsb05e9f69.jpg   photo DSCF4573_zpsf2c11111.jpg  photo DSCF4577_zps27fc96c7.jpg

Once I get cleaned up, I plan to run to Hobby Lobby and see about different scents and colors for some other ideas. Yea, I am procrastinating my paper.

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2013-01-25 03:53 pm
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I made the 20K goal!!

I did it! I made it to 20 K in my [community profile] orgasm_circlet  project! Just debating on which NaNo/Camp NaNo to use to weave it all together. I plan to keep writing until the end date of February 14 because... why not? My NaNo word counts are usually well over 75K, so I am not worried about coming up with 50K words more for this story. A lot is going on in her life, and she has some new antagonists this time around.

I really enjoyed this chance to try something different, get out of my comfort zone, and write stuff that I kind of left to the imagination before. If I point out the irony in the writing, it'll give away what happened in book #2, so I will leave it at that!

I've been up too dang long and I have company staying the night tonight before our weekend's debaucheries. Gonna do some cocktails, mani-pedis, and our usual silliness. Art supplies may be involved.

I am rather proud of myself... I got my to-do list finished by 1 PM. My ring arrived yesterday and that improved my mood immeasurably. I'm just sooo ready for a change of scenery and a chance to actually do my hair and make-up and go someplace!

Sunday night I'll be sporting my panda jacket with the full-face hood because I think it'd be a riot to mess with people while wearing what basically amounts to a panda costume. Yea, the chances of me actually acting my age at all times are basically slim to none. I guess it's because I have such heavy responsibilities at work with the well-being of so many kids dependent on what I do, I have to be serious with my PhD... so when I do not have to do either of those things, I let loose and get silly. That includes making panda coats, wearing said panda coats, and terrorizing people while wearing said panda coat. I also make crazy artwork. Or, as I claim, I write fiction so people will do what I want and I can kill them if they don't.
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2013-01-24 10:29 am

Writing day!

Going to write as much as I can today... I am about 17.5K words in my [community profile] orgasm_circlet  draft so far. No complaints there! It's really not even a proper draft but a series of drafts that need to be woven into the larger story.

I need to write a paper for class today, too. I'm going away this weekend (two nights of Stone Sour shows in two different states...woot woot!)

Right now, I'm waiting on my ring to show up. FedEx wasn't arsed to knock on my door yesterday for a package that required a signature, so I was not too pleased to find out after all my waiting that I had "missed" them when they didn't even bother to knock on my @#$% door. Now I have to do it all over again today, too. Like I have nothing better to do, like SLEEP :-/ Still need to pack for the weekend, too.I am not particularly looking forward to that. I have NO idea what I am wearing to the Fort Wayne show, but I do wanna glam up since it's been SO long since I've properly done my hair and make-up to go anywhere. Ugh... I think it's been since like early December! TOO LONG!!! I'll be so glad to get away and do something that is not work-related for a change!

Well, back to writing... must stay awake to answer my effing door. BLAH!
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2013-01-20 03:24 pm

...And the beat goes on

I haven't left my house since I came home from work on Wednesday afternoon. Having a head injury kind of does that to a person, I guess. I feel about 90% back to normal functioning. Still a little blah but not about to lose my mind like I was. Definitely feel well enough to go back to work and stick it out. Still kind of intolerant of people, but not like I was.... yikes!

I'd say that staying home has saved me money but who am I kidding?!

There was this diamond ring I had my eye on for a while. "Stunning" doesn't describe it. It has dozens of white diamonds, 9 blue diamonds, 4 green diamonds, 2 yellow diamonds, and two red diamonds. All natural. I would have normally just said "Wow, pretty!" but... red diamonds. I had to own it. I was going to wait two more weeks to get it but I received a promo code for $500 off any purchase over $1000 or more. Why wait 2 weeks and pay full price when I could really use that extra $500? So... after working holidays and tons of overtime, I ordered my dream of a ring. It'll go nicely with my chocolate diamond ring and my black diamond ring and earrings. I admit to becoming somewhat of a diamond whore over the past year but it happens, especially when I find good prices. It's a matter of debate whether or not the latest one qualifies as a "good price" but hello, red diamonds. Must own them, can't wait for a man to get them for me! I am hoping it ships out Tuesday so I can stalk it along the Fed Ex truck.
Is it bad I already have a snarky bit I want to do to show them off? Chocolate diamonds on right index finger, black diamond on right ring finger, and *flips the bird with left hand* colored diamonds!

What else have I done while staying close to my bed? Well...

I have logged many hours on PandaCam, watching the baby panda do cute baby panda things.

I also learned nothing blows up your Twitter more than being followed by the Backstreet Boys. My jaw DROPPED when I saw that followback from them... I felt like I was 17 again, only this was just awesomer LOL!

Still trying to break 15K words on my [community profile] orgasm_circlet  project. My goal is 20K words. Writing parts of the story kind of makes me feel like I am limiting myself but my main goal has been accomplished: I left my comfort zone. Right now my draft is basically smut, smut, smut, smut... but once I get the full story down it will be interspersed throughout and a relatively "normal" part in the grand scheme of her life.

OK, gonna TRY and get these 537 words squeezed out so I can lay down before work!! The first day back always sees me with the weirdest sleep schedule!!
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2013-01-19 10:30 am
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My latest addiction!

San Diego Zoo's PandaCam has become my latest addiction!

I also got to have an overdose of CUTE when baby cub Xiao Liwu kept trying to interrupt his mama Bai Yun's nap! Meanwhile, outside in Panda Canyon, papa Gao Gao was chillin' out, munching on bamboo....Click on the pictures below to see all of the ones I took from PandaCam yesterday :-)

Bai Yun tries to sleep

The photos are stinking adorable. Don't say I didn't warn you!! This cub is CUTE and I believe he knows it!!
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2013-01-19 05:19 am

Slow week

I officially gave myself a head injury last week. I finally got it checked out on Tuesday so I could get myself a bona fide "get out of jail free" card for work since EVERYONE was calling off and I felt my condition was more necessary than a cold or stomach ache- I had gone in to work every day I needed to and even put in 6 hours of overtime on already longer than real people shifts and I was mentally exhausted. Like had a crying jag mentally exhausted. Not good. I have those at home, never at work. I had a nice bruise on the parietal area of my brain and that basically controls making sense of things...which explains my total ditziness and not being able to understand half of what was going on and being completely unable to focus on anything, becoming easily overwhelmed. It was joked that the injury knocked the sharp, quick-witted me down to a more normal speed. Ha bloody ha.

San Diego Zoo's PandaCam has been a GREAT source of some cathartic viewing! The baby panda cub, Xiao Liwu is too adorable! Earlier he wasn't letting his mama, Bai Yun, get any sleep and kept climbing on her! If you want to see a cuteness overdose, go here:

Putzed around a bit on my [community profile] orgasm_circlet  draft and I am about halfway to my goal. My problem is I am writing individual scenes instead of an entire story (that will wait for either NaNoWriMo or one of the Camp NaNoWriMos if I am impatient to begin). The NaNo stuff is supposed to tie my OC scenes together. I've enjoyed getting out of my comfort zone with this project and it's been great to work on something fictional before I go back into my academic writing to finish off my school week. My instructor was understanding that trying to do work (which requires keeping track of a LOT of serious information on about a dozen kids and their medications), work OVERTIME (because overnight shifters LOVE to stay up an extra 5 hours for training!), and heal from this injury....and then do school work.... it wasn't happening! I mean I looked at the essays and was like "Wha??"

I also had to deal with people IRL being more shitty than usual and picking a heck of a time to do it. I severed ties with several people this past week for various reasons. The head injury just made all their crappy flaws more noticeable and I weighed what I had done for these people (a LOT with no expectation of anything in return, way more than I should have!) versus what they had done for me (so little I wouldn't even notice they were gone) and decided to let the parasites go. One of them was all butt-hurt that I would even DO that over his having "an opinion" (he posted a lovely anti-Semitic video on his FB wall. I'm Jewish. See the problem? That's no opinion, that's just being shitty and insensitive and I've had my fill of those people).

Blah enough about crappy people. I'm going to go back to my writing now!
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2013-01-12 11:29 am

Found them!

I found the notes and drafts! It was (of course!) in the last place I looked. I damn near brained myself when a LARGE heavy reclaimed wood picture frame fell on my noggin. That shit hurt but I was reassured by the Ask a Nurse line that I didn't need to get checked out and I'll just feel sore for a few days. Blah. I haven't lost any consciousness or balance so I'm not worried. Still.... motherfucker that shit HURT!

I haven't even looked at all the notes and drafts yet. Kind of afraid to. They're in 2 3" binders, a 2" binder, and a 1" binder. It's going to be one hell of an intimidating project once I tackle it!

I need to get to work on my homework but the amount of sources I am using is a tad intimidating. I'll get through it, it'll just take time to motivate myself.

The orgasm_circlet project I think 20K is a reasonable goal.
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2013-01-11 02:30 am
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Not going as I planned

My plan to find my old drafts is not going as planned. There's only two more places to look. One requires a ladder.and an extra person to help. The other requires moving a LOT of containers of seasonal stuff stored in my sewing room. I may tackle that tomorrow.

On the bright side, everything else is now super-organized and three bags of trash were taken out. Mainly old electronics boxes, things of that nature.

Still doesn't get me any closer to what I WANT to do, which is to find those notes and drafts!


Guess I better just go back to work on my Orgasm_Circlet project since I have a nice glass of Woodbury Winery Riesling beside me....
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2013-01-06 07:00 am

Day #1 progress...

Brief update on my

[community profile] orgasm_circlet

  project ....

I sat myself down, got myself into a headspace... and wrote.


Getting out of my comfort zone is a bit tricky, but I'm working on it! I work for the next 4 days and my class break is over on Tuesday, so I am sure my progress will be S-L-O-W. I usually start with a bang and then kind of trail off and have a few "rally days" here and there. Progress should almost mimick that of NaNoWriMo with really really good days and then days of NOTHING. Considering that this is soooo a NSFW type project, I'll work on it at home.

Just odd writing chunks of a story at a time, especially chunks that don't move the story one way or the other. Still, the venture out of the comfort zone is coming along easier. Writing the type of *ahem* scenes that I wouldn't mind reading if I were to have a book with them.

Still haven't gone into the basement yet to look for my old notes and story drafts. It sure will be interesting once I find them since I am sure there's literally hundreds of pages of them that are hand-written, printed, and even typed!

I may have to post some pictures of the cover art I did for them. I did a lot of watercolor and pencil work for it!

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2013-01-04 08:25 pm

Writing updates

Book #2 is available to the world now...


In 3.5 hours I can officially start my orgasm_circlet project which is a scant 20K words but also 20K words that are going to be WAY out of my comfort zone. I'm not used to writing "information" in my scenes when my character finally gets it on. Should be interesting....!!

Stepping away from my outline for a while since I've been writing the same characters' stories since November and need a break. Actually I've only written their stories since 2011 and I need a small vacation from them before I make bad things happen to them when they don't deserve it*. I may do my Camp NaNoWriMo based off a series of short stories I wrote as a teen and would like to turn into a teen novel. To give you an idea of how long those have been sitting who-knows-where in my basement (which should make them all the more interesting to find!)'s what has happened since I had last written anything related to them:
  • Internet in the homes
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • MySpace has already came and went.
  • Instant messaging services
  • Everyone having cell phones (cellphones *then* were in satchels that weighed several pounds, had a range of a few feet, stayed charged for like 20 minutes and cost $0.35 a minute to use!)
  • Smartphones
  • Text messaging
  • iPads, Kindles, Nooks, and other tablets
  • I wrote the original draft on a Smith-Corona word processor! Yea, I would type it in a like 2" dot-matrix display and then once I was finished.... I could save it on a disk used only for that word processor, then hit "print" and hear nothing but the staccato of typing for ages...and it was a nightmare when I ran out of ribbon for it... but it also did bold typing! WOW....!!! I still remember how it sounded when it would type out words in bold. Oy....!
  • I wrote the second draft on an HP with a whopping 4 MB of RAM and a massive 500 MB hard drive
  • I was able to save the draft as a back up on 3.5" floppy disks that have since vanished (and those held 1.5 MB)
  • CD burners didn't even exist and CD-Roms were still novel (wow, an entire series of encyclopedias can fit on ONE CD!! OMG!!!)
  • Um, I was 18 when I wrote the last chapter. In the 1990s. I started the first story when I was 14. That was 20 years ago.
  • My characters called each other on land lines and wrote letters during their time away from each other. LETTERS! Yea, who does that anymore?!
  • They also spent time in a library doing research for school reports and used actual books and card catalogs along with microfilm files that had to be printed off!

It will be interesting to see Jeromie, Beth, and Doug come into the 21st century....and be written by a writer who has grown into an adult instead of being written by an adolescent. I am sure it will be absolutely painful to see my writing style of 20 years ago contrasted with that of today, but I think those stories should be dusted off and reworked... and whatever will be, shall be.

*With the exception of this month's project, but it doesn't actually progess their story one way or the other. Just describes things they do that I normally would leave to the imagination!!
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2012-12-31 11:40 am
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Is it midnight yet?

I'm just ready to make book #2 available to the world, that's all! Want to start off the new year with a new beginning :-)

2012 was just such an odd year. I wasn't where I used to be, but I'm not quite where I want to be yet. Transitional years are tricky beasts like that. They make you feel like you haven't accomplished much when the truth is, you've really come a long way but there aren't the milestone markers to show for it.
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2012-12-30 10:47 am
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More outlining

Writing more to my outline. Reading my old books of Outer Banks legends makes me ache for my Hatteras Island and therefore, my character must go there.

One of these days, I must go there again. I miss it :-( I guess it all depends on when they get the NC-12 situation rectified. Right now it's kind of a hot mess down that way since Sandy hit and they're only now repaving the road that was decimated (and also connects the not-inhabited northern part of Hatteras with the southern part where everyone lives :-/
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2012-12-28 03:54 pm
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What I've been doing

It's so PRETTY!!!


I'm going to formally relase it in print and on Kindle on January 1st.

Master the Monkey is quite comfy adding this to his shrine of victories (he was custom-made for my Master's degree by an artist in the Netherlands)


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2012-12-28 03:50 pm

Miscellaneous Writing Stuffs

All of my mainly public NaNoWriMo and related projects can be found at the tags below :-)

My Pinterest board of writing macros and whatnot can be found at my board Every Day I'm Novelin' :-)

Ever have those extra characters who aren't a big part of the story but need names anyway? I use this baby name generator. Yea, baby name sites see a lot of use from me :-/

Yea, my web searches can be real freaking interesting! Baby names, wedding dresses, flights to random places...!

Outlining book #3. It's a fun draft so far. Doing Camp NaNoWriMo in April so I am chomping at the bit. I have an extensive outline and can't wait to fill it in!

My proof copy of book #2 is on its way here and I can't wait to look at it! I get my 5 free copies for winning NaNoWriMo once I check over my proof, and while three of those are set aside for people, I will have two that I will be giving away :-)

Yes, I self publish. I use CreateSpace for my self-publishing and they have a cover creator generator that has been very useful. Their prices are VERY reasonable and they also sell your books via Amazon. You can also publish them to Kindle from there. Self-publishing is starting to be the way to go, especially on Kindle, because we cut out the middle man of agents, publishers, and have more autonomy and can release our materials on our OWN terms. We write and publish because we want to. For more on self-publishing and its perks, go here.

Oh, and a macro I made from a FB friend's quote...too good not to share because it's true...